Some excellent works have been recommended to SCI Journals. See the details at Journal Recommendation List

61Jinhua Li, Shiji Song, Yuli Zhang and Kang LiA robust fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm for incomplete data
62 Pengzhen Wang, Guohua Yang, Hao Tang, Qing Li and Bo LeiFault Diagnosis Method of Photovoltaic Inverter Based on Wavelet Neural Network
73Haiping Ma, Kailong Liu and Zhile Yang Optimal Battery Charging Strategy Based on Complex System Optimization
104Kai Liu, Ting-Zhang Liu, Pan Jian and Yue LinThe re-optimization strategy of multi-layer hybrid building's cooling
105Mengmeng Song and Shungen XiaoFault diagnosis method of gear based on SVD and improved EEMD
106Hv Hui and Chen GuochuResearch on wind speed vertical extrapolation based on extreme learning machine
107Huaming Shen, Meihua Xu and Feng RanAn Embedded Driver Fatigue Detect System based on Vision
108Zhouqun Liu and Guochu ChenResearch on fault data wavelet threshold denoising method based on CEEMDAN
109Kai Lin and Guochu ChenOptimal scheduling of wind turbine generator units based on the amount of damage of impeller
110Fei Gao, Fei Ma, Jun Wang, Jinping Sun, Erfu Yang and Amir HussainAutomated Detection of Targets via a Focus of Attention for SAR Images
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113Ang Wang and Long ChengA Composite Controller for Piezoelectric Actuators with Model Predictive Control and Hysteresis Compensation
114Bin Wu, Min DongResearch on Field Service Scheduling Problem Based on Hybrid Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm
115Longda Wang, Xingcheng Wang, Dawei Sun and Hua HaoMulti-objective optimization improved GA algorithm and fuzzy PID control of ATO system for train operation
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121Feng Jiang and Shulin LiuMagnetic Field Measurement Instrument Based on Asymmetric Giant Magneto-impedance Effect
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326 Shengxuan Weng, Dong Yue and Chongxin HuangDistributed economic dispatch based on consensus algorithm under event-triggered mechanism
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341Wei Yin, Shuang Ren, Yuanyuan Yu, Zixuan Liang, Hongshi Huang, Yingfang Ao and Qiguo RongDynamical characteristics of anterior ligament deficiency combined meniscus injury knees
343Lisheng Wei and Yunqiang Mal2/l_INF Filtering for Wireless Networked Control Systems with Communication Constraints and Packet Losses
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357Kun Zhang, Jianguo Wu, Huiyu Zhou and Peijian ZhangA Novel Memory Gradient based for Efficient Image Segmentation
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371Hongjun Qu, Peijian Zhang, Kun Zhang and Jianguo WuResearch on machine vision based online cigarette filter stick count system
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388Yang Yang and Dong YueEvent-Triggered Consensus Tracking Control of Multi-Agent Systems With Lipschitz-Type Dynamics
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422Ang Li, Jingqi Fu and Huaming ShenResearch on Indoor Fingerprint Localization System Based on Voronoi Segmentation
424Wenqiang Yang and Yongfeng LiResearch on warehouse scheduling optimization problem for broiler breeding
425Tongqin Feng and Bin JiaoResearch on AGV Trajectory Tracker Based on Fuzzy Control
426Jinggang Xu and Jingshan DengStudy on Lamb Wave Dispersion Curves for the Detection of Metal Plates
427Tianshan Wang, Fan Jiang, Xiaojin Zhu, Hesheng Zhang and Zhiyuan GaoAutomatic Character Detection System for IC Test Handler Based on Active Learning SVM
428Xiangpeng Xie and Yanan LiuFault Estimation Observer Design of Nonlinear Systems with Actuator Faults
429Haojie Yuan and Yanyan LiuImprovement of Acoustic Trapping Capability by Punching Specific Holes on Acoustic Tweezers
431Minrui Meng and Xingbo WangAdaptive SNN Torque Control for Tendon-Driven Fingers
432Bing Bai, Xiaojin Zhu, Hesheng Zhang and Zhaoxun ZhangActive RFID Tags for Smart Shelf Based on LF Assistant Devices
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458Min Shi and Songlin HuPinched hysteresis loop characteristics of a fractional-order HP TiO2 memristor
459Jian Li, Jingqi Fu and Ang LiAn Improved WKNN Indoor Fingerprinting Positioning Algorithm Based on Adaptive Hierarchical Clustering
460 Xiaoan ZhangMTMD-based Noise Control for Box-girder Bridge of High Speed Railway
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466Yanjun Liu, Yongsheng Ding, Kuangrong Hao and Lei ChenA Novel Immune-Endocrine-based Intelligent Algorithm for Information Diffusion on Social Network
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512Jianhua Zhang, Haopeng Hu, Jinzhu Pu and Guolian HouModel Predictive Control Based on the Dynamic PLS Approach to Waste Heat Recovery System
513Pei-Juan Xu and Ke-Cai CaoReview of research on simulation platform based on the crowd evacuation
514Lu Lu, Minrui Fei, Haikuan Wang and Huosheng HuMeanshift based Target Tracking Algorithm used for Combining Feature Points Abstracted from Gray and Depth Images
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516 Zixiang Fei, Erfu Yang, David Li, Stephen Butler and Winifred IjomahA Survey of the State-of-the-Art Techniques for Cognitive Impairment Detection in the Elderly
517 Gareth McLorn and Sean McLooneSmall-Signal Refinement of Power System Static Load Modelling Techniques
523Federico Zocco and Sean McLoone Mean Squared Error vs. Frame Potential for Unsupervised Variable Selection
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553Shengxi Wu, Jinmeng Xu, Wei Liu, Xiaoying Wu and Xingsheng GuData reconciliation based on an improved robust estimator and NT-MT for gross error detection
554Weiwei Jiang and Aolei YangAn Adaptive Edge Detection Algorithm Based On Improved Canny
555 Ruochen Liu, Ruinan Wang, Guan Xia and Xiao WangImproved Artificial Weed Colonization Based Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm
556Qiwei Xu, Jing Sun, Meng Zhao, Xiaobiao Jiang, Yunqi Mao and Shumei CuiReview of the Four Ports Electromechanical Converter used for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
557Jie Qiang, Shujing Wang and Zhenhua ShanDesign of the Traffic Sign Recognition System Based on Android Platform
558Yubin Fang, Xiaojin Zhu, Haotian Liu and Zhiyuan GaoHybrid Fx-NLMS Algorithm for Active Vibration Control of Flexible Beam with Piezoelectric Stack Actuator
559Guoyi Xu and Chen ZhuSystem Frequency Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines with Variable Controller Parameters
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561Qiwei Xu, Xiaobiao Jiang, Meng Zhao, Xiaoxiao Luo, Weidong Chen, Yunqi Mao and Shumei CuiResearch on Parameters matching of Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Compound-Structure Induction Machine
562Yu Luo and Aolei YangSurvey of 3D Map in SLAM: Localization and Navigation
563Gengxin Chen, Jinsheng Huang and Ruobo LinNetwork Interface UPnP Mechanism of IEEE 1451 Smart Sensor
564Jing Shi, Dong Yue and Shengxuan WengSecondary voltage control of microgrids with distributed event-triggered mechanism
565Feng Ding, Shuofeng Wang and Shaohua ZhangOptimized Control of Ship DC Electric Propulsion System with Energy Storage Unit
566 Wang Wei, Wan Youhong and Liang XinyuanState Estimation for Complex Network With One Step Induced Delay Based On Structural Controllability and Pinning Control
567Qichun ZhangModelling and Control Design for Membrane Potential Conduction along Nerve Fibre using B-spline Neural Network
534Zhifu DengMultivariate Fault Isolation in Presence of Outliers Based on Robust Nonnegative Garrote
568Jingjie Ma, Shaohua Zhang and Liuhui WangBase-load Cycling Capacity Adequacy Evaluation in Power Systems with Wind Power
569Song Deng, Liping Zhang and Dong YueResearch on Power Terminal Access Control Technology Supporting Internet Interactive Service in Smart Grid
570Jun Xiang Dai, Ying Zhou and Chao SunDesign of Output Feedback Controller for Networked Control Systems with Delay and Packet Dropout
571Nenghong Xia, Menglin Tian and Haisheng LianAnalysis of Effective Transmission Distance of Double Transmitters in Magnetic Coupled Resonant WPT System
572Zhonghua Hao, Jingjing Liu, Xin Lian and Xin Jin Noise Removal Method for manifold learning
573Guolian Hou, Tian Wang, Huan Du and Jianhua ZhangExtended State Space Predictive Control of Gas Turbine System in Combined Cycle Power Plant
574Xiaoquan Tang, Xiaolin Wang and Long ZhangOrthogonal Matching Pursuit for Multilayer Perceptions Neural Networks Model Reduction
575Fei XiaLocation Model Research of Charging Station for Electric Vehicle Based on Users' Benefit
576Mohammed Al-Saadi, Patrick Luk and John EconomouIntegration of the Demand Side Management with Security-Constrained Optimal Unified Active and Reactive Dynamic Economic Dispatch of Microgrids
577Qiwei Xu, Meng Zhao, Xiaoxiao Luo, Xiaobiao Jiang, Yunqi Mao, Weidong Chen and Yiming SuResearch on Speed Identification of Induction Motor Based on Sliding Mode Observer
579Lehui Liu, Songsong Wu, Runqing Chen and Mengquan ZhouZero-Shot Image Classification via Coupled Discriminative Dictionary Learning
580Wei Rao, Jing Jiang and Aihua ZhouResearch on Global Energy Internet Oriented Power Big Data Reference Architecture
581Qiong Wu and Hongbo RenOptimal Design and Operation of Integrated Energy System Based on Supply-demand Coupling Analysis
582Yan Xu, Tengfei Zhang and Dong YueFrequent Deviation-Free Control for Micro-Grid Operation Modes Switching Based on Virtual Synchronous Generator
583Yang Song and Xiaokun DaiStability of Wind Turbine Connected with Rechargeable Battery Using Markov Jump Linear System
585Mohammed Al-Saadi, Patrick Luk and John EconomouUnit Commitment Dynamic Unified Active and Reactive Power Dispatch of Microgrids with Integration of Electric Vehicles
586Jianbo Chen, Dong Yue, Chunxia Dou and Chongxin HuangA Discrete Fourier Transform based Compensation Task Sharing Method for Power Quality Improvement
587Kun Zhang, Huiyu Zhou, Li Chen, Minrui Fei, Jianguo Wu and Peijian ZhangA Novel Segmentation Framework Using Sparse Random Feature in Histology images of Colon Cancer
588Zihao Cheng, Dong Yue and Chongxin HuangH_infinite predictive triggering control of multi-area power systems load frequency control under DoS attacks
589 Huaibin Xie, Songlin Hu and Chuangwei ShangStability Analysis of Event-Triggered Networked Control Systems with Time-Varying Sampling
590Ge Hui, Yue Dong, Xie Xiang-Peng, Deng Song and Hu Song-LinAnalysis of cyber physical systems security issue via uncertainty approaches
591 Qiwei Xu, Xiaoxiao Luo, Zhao Meng and Xiaobiao JiangResearch on Double Fuzzy Control Strategy for Parallel Hybrid Electric Bus
592Huifeng Tian and Li JiaDynamic Process Fault Isolation and Diagnosis Using Improved Fisher Discriminant Analysis and Relative Error of Variance
593Muhammad Ilyas Menhas, Ling Wang and Minrui FeiIntelligent Decentralized Multivariable PID Controller Design of Interacting Multivariable Processes using the Human Learning Optimizer
594Ziqi Yang, Zhile Yang, Kang Li, Wasif Naeem and Kailong LiuHeuristic based norm-optimal TILC for reheating process
595Mohammed Alkhafaji, Patrick Luk and John EconomouOptimal design and planning of electric vehicles within a microgrid
596Wengcheng Huang, Li Jia and Daogang PengA New Similarity Criteria in Dividing Production Process Condition Based Main Operation Parameters Optimization in Power Plant
597Feng Li, Li Jia and Qi XiongIdentification Approach of Hammerstein-Wiener Model Corrupted by Colored Process Noise
598Li ZhengResearch of Model Identification for Control System Based on Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm
599Xiang Li, Kang Li, Zhile Yang and Chikong WongA Novel RBF Neural Model for Single Flow Zinc Nickel Batteries
600Liuming Zhou and Li JiaAn LMI approach to iterative learning control based on JITL for batch processes
601Fumin Ma, Mianwei Ding and Tengfei ZhangCompressed Binary Discernibility Matrix Based Incremental Attribute Reduction Algorithm for Group Dynamic Data
602Peifeng Yin, Qiyu Shao, Xingfu Wang, Weihua Wang, Fuyou Miao and Chenxi ShaoTheme-based Spider for Academic Paper
603Qun Huang, Li Deng and Minrui FeiVirtual Reality System of Intelligent Agriculture Greenhouse Based on Web 3D
604Ajay Bhandari, Ankit Bansal, Anup Singh and Niraj SinhaStudy of Perfusion Kinetics in Human Brain Tumor using Leaky Tracer Kinetic Model of DCE-MRI Data and CFD
605Ke Zhang, Min Zheng and Kang LiA Comprehensive Optimization of PD\mu Controller Design for Trade-off of Energy and System Performance
606Pengwei Liu and Xin LiApical growing points Segmentation by using RGB-D data
607Yang Liu, Hao Luo, Zhenxian Fu, Zhile Yang and Xiaofeng YangIntegral Sliding Mode Based Precision Motion Control for PMLM
608Daojun Chen, Lei Zhang and Jian Zuo A Green Dispatch Model in Wind Power Integrated System Incorporating Energy-environmental Efficiency
609Yue He, Junyong Wu and Yi GeResearch on the Model and Method of Maturity Evaluation of Smart Grid Industry
610Fazhi Song, Yang Liu, Xiaofeng Yang, Zhile Yang and Ping HeIterative Learning Identification with Bias Compensation for Stochastic Linear Time-Varying Systems
611Zhaoxia WangConsensus of Multi-agent Systems with Diverse Time-varying Communication Delays and Self-delays
612Qiang Zheng and Chen PengA Combinational Clustering Approach to Household Electricity Load Curves
613Zhiyou Ouyang, Xiaokui Sun and Dong YueHierarchical Time Series Feature Extraction for Power Consumption Anomaly Detection
614Zhile Yang, Kang Li, Haiping Ma, Qun Niu, Min Zheng and Chenyang DingCompact Real-valued Teaching-Learning Based Optimization for Continuous Optimization Problems
615Yunguo Chang, Xinlin Liu and Weiyan HouA Remote Control System with Dual Mode in Multi-channel Designed for Pigeon's Nerve Stimulation
616Mohammed Alsaadi and Patrick LukSecurity-Constrained Two-Stage Stochastic Unified Active and Reactive Power Management System of the MGs
617Niko Maas, Mira Schuller, Weiyan Hou and Dieter SchrammPassing Control between Driver and Highly Automated Driving Functions
618Qingye Meng, Shuangxin Wang, Jianhua Zhang and Tingting GuoMFAC-PID Control for Variable-Speed Constant Frequency Wind Turbine
619Ruiwen Zheng, Qing Fang, Zhiyuan Liu, Binghong Li and Xiao-Yu ZhangA Multivariate Wind Power Fitting Model Based on Cluster Wavelet Neural Network
620Li Zhang, Kang Li, Dajun Du and Xiang LiState-of-Charge Estimation of Lithium Battery Using Compact RBF Network and AUKF
621Mohammed Alkhafaji, Patrick Luk and John EconomouCharging and discharging strategy of electric vehicles within a hierarchical energy management framework
622Yue Yu, Li Deng, Honglin Pang and Minrui FeiA Skylight Opening Prediction Method Based on Parallel Dirichlet Process Mixture Model Clustering
623Wenqiang Yang, Junpeng Xu and Yongfeng LiMulti-variety fresh agricultural products distribution optimization based on an improved cuckoo search algorithm
624Qun Niu, Ziyuan Sun and Dandan HuaA simplified multi-objective bare-bones PSO for optimal design of solar dish Stirling engine systems
625Ling Chen, Xinxing Pan, Aolei Yang and Yulin XuTowards Visual Human Tracking of Quadcopter: A Survey

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